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Akixi is an award-winning company providing comprehensive call and contact analytics solutions. Our cloud-based reporting software offers unprecedented insight into how your contact processes are working and how you can optimise them for a game-changing, ultra-responsive customer experience. We offer various service levels, from historic call logging to advanced real-time contact centre services, to suit businesses of all sizes.

monitor real-time data

View your call traffic and agent activity with our call and contact analytics software. Respond immediately to real-time data and adjust business resources accordingly. Retrieve missed calls and potential lost revenue, all in real-time, allowing you to boost productivity and improve overall performance of your business.

See what happens to calls from beginning to end

Our software ensures that every interaction is logged instantly and accurately, allowing you to keep a close eye on the calls received, where they originated from and how long they were on hold. Easily diagnose potential call routing issues and use data to investigate customer engagement complaints.

Understand your business devices with dashboards

Understand your business like never before

With Akixi reports, you can see how many enquiries your business is missing. Interval reports show you which days and times you receive the most calls, enabling you to adjust staffing levels if required. Gain access to over 400 statistics for historic and real-time data to help you increase business efficiency, maximise revenue, optimise your workforce and improve customer service.

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If customer contact plays a key role in your business, Akixi can give you a truly transformative edge. Our cloud-based call and contact analytics solutions lead the industry in both innovation and value. Offering an unprecedented insight into how your contact processes are working, Akixi brings a scalable and flexible hosted service to over 8,000 customer sites globally, through a network of 600+ channel partners.

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Call Management Software FAQS

As a leading cloud-based call management software provider with an established reputation, you can count on Akixi to help boost the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of your business. If you require any help identifying the right system for your business, Akixi has a team of experts on hand to assist you. In the meantime, browse our most frequently asked questions and see if your query is included.

Call management systems allow businesses to monitor and manage their incoming and outgoing calls. The aim of call management software is to optimise the handling of call traffic, ensuring a business optimises its resources effectively.

If you need a call analytics software solution for your call and contact centre, then Akixi can help. Through our products, we offer businesses a range of solutions with added benefits to guarantee your customer interactions are monitored accurately. Visit our Akixi Solutions page.

Call management can help every business manage its calls. See where your calls have come from, how long they were on for and how many missed calls your business has generated, across various timeframes. From this, you can manage your business more effectively, for example, having more staff working during your peak hours. Additionally, our call recording plug-in enables you to record and retrieve your calls, and with the Akixi 1000, Akixi 2000 and Akixi 3000 service levels you will be able to monitor your business KPIs via a wallboard.

Akixi’s call management solutions are being used across a variety of industry sectors and business sizes. To find the ideal product for your industry sector, you can use our Product Selector Tool, where by answering a few questions, we will be able to recommend you one of our leading Akixi solutions.

As an Akixi channel partner, you will benefit from the support of our team of friendly experts every step of the way. If you need to get in contact with our team, fill out the online enquiry form.

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