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Advanced Cloud-Based Call Management and Call Centre Analytics Service

Akixi is an award-winning call management and call analytics company, providing comprehensive hosted call management and call centre analytics software. We offer various services, from basic call logging to complete call centre services, to suit businesses of all sizes.

We offer access to more than 200 sets of historical and real-time call statistics, dials, alarms, charts and desktop wallboards – all compatible with the BroadSoft platform.

The Akixi service is user friendly and highly scalable, suitable for 2 to over 10,000 users, and we have become a trusted and recommended call centre analytics company across multiple sectors, from property and human rights to recruitment and leisure. Our call logging and call centre analytics software is used by over 2,500 active client sites globally.

Our advanced call centre analytics software delivers reports which offer true business insight to effectively optimise your daily operations and resources, delivering a strong and ongoing return on your investment.

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Akixi Lite

A basic call logging service that includes historical call reporting. Akixi Lite offers scheduled reports, cradle to grave call reporting and trend analysis by multiple intervals such as half an hour, per day, per week or per month.

Akixi 1000

A business dashboard that helps you manage your telephony resources and usage cost effectively. Akixi 1000 provides comprehensive real time call analytics which allow you to scrutinise and analyse your customers, supplier contacts and staff historically in real time. Desktop Wallboard Included.

Akixi 2000

Delivers the complete contact centre tool allowing you to successfully manage your staff, campaigns and resources effectively. Akixi 2000 is the perfect tool to help deliver outstanding customer service. ACD Agents Included. Desktop Wallboard Included.

Desktop Wallboard

Displays real time call statistics in large individual tiles where each statistic can have a specifically configured alarm. The desktop wallboard shows business related activities that help to motivate your team and can be customised to suit your company’s specific needs.

Akixi Wallboard App

The Akixi Wallboard app is available on Android and iOS and gives Akixi 1000 and Akixi 2000 users the ability to view Desktop Wallboards on a smartphone or tablet.

Akixi Presence

Akixi Presence provides selected report styles and features including Extension BLF, ACD Agent BLF and Historical Call List. This is the perfect tool for Akixi Presence Users to see status of their colleagues and have access to their own Historical Call List.

Call Recording Plug-In

Akixi has partnered with Dubber to provide our customers with a “Call Recording Plug-In” that provides an intelligent cloud call recording solution. It is available on all Akixi product levels and provides cradle to grave call recording retrieval, instant call recording availability and an enhanced search interface.

Cloud-Based Call Management

Akixi’s hosted call management solutions bring today’s businesses a variety of benefits. They are quick to deploy, easy to operate, and fully flexible and scalable – providing you with a solution that can grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of your business.

Taking full advantage of the cloud, hosted call management also allows for off-site access from anywhere in the world, significantly improving the flexibility and accessibility of your business.

Working with Akixi’s advanced call management and call centre analytics software means you can gain access to invaluable data and key metrics, enabling you to measure the performance of your business against KPIs.

As a leading hosted call management and call centre analytics company with an established reputation, you can count on Akixi to help boost the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of your business.

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Akixi allows us to see what is happening in our business and I say that the top three features we use are real time, historical reports and the report wall where we can view live user data.

It provides at a glance views of our activity all of which can be reported upon and lets staff monitor call volumes and flow, allowing us to staff accordingly and cater for peak periods.

Akixi allows us to track missed or lost calls which means we can contact customers that would have been previously missed or lost.

Majid Shaikh, IT Team Leader, North Warwickshire & Hinckley College

Akixi has helped us increase revenue because we are answering more calls and the abandoned call rate has dropped. We are up by 9.8% on our sales. Since using Akixi the pickup and service level has gone through the roof, it is the best it has ever been for over a year.

I chose Akixi because the visibility of the wallboard is fantastic and the depth we can drill down to different queues and what agents are doing. I have worked in call centres for the past 27 years and it is fundamental that you have something like Akixi to help you and your team work efficiently.

Paul Chambers, Operations Director, Kingstown Associates

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