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GoSimple Software based in Oldham, offers cloud-based financial software products including SimpleTax, an online account package and HMRC-recognised online tax calculator, and SimpleBooks, a powerful online bookkeeping software.

The challenge

The company had introduced a new direct sales team, responsible for selling a larger and more expensive product costing approximately £500. This team’s targets were based on the number of calls, so the company needed a service that would allow all the calls to be monitored. GoSimple Software’s telephony provider, Plum Communications, recommended real time call management and call analytics from Akixi as the best solution to meet the company’s requirements.

The results

GoSimple Software’s Director, Amanda Swales, has experienced several benefits since using Akixi, as she explains: 

“We can now see exactly how many calls are being made, how many are going into overflow and how many are abandoned. Being able to see these statistics saves us a lot of time and makes the sales team more proficient. By being able to monitor the overflow we know we are not losing any calls.” 

A favourite feature is the Akixi 2000 wallboard. 

“We have the wallboard and reporting on a large screen on the wall so that we can see every call that comes through. We use this specifically for our sales team so that they can see all the call statistics including how many calls they are making, how many calls are waiting and how many calls are abandoned. 

“We also schedule the report to be sent out twice a day to the administration staff which lets them know how many calls have been made in the day so they can share that information with the team.” 

Being able to monitor sales calls and obtain statistics with Akixi has improved the productivity and management of GoSimple Software’s sales team. 

Amanda concludes: 

“With Akixi being an online cloud service, I did have my doubts and thought that it would falter now and again. But it has never done so and is always up and running – the service has always been reliable.”

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