You guys have absolutely the best reporting tool in the industry!

Well done on the new improvements and I look forward to working with it for many more years.

Scott Tamborski, Solutions Design Engineer – Momentum

Using this live call reporting across our customer base has massively improved their customer service levels, brought down call wait times, provided info that can be used for performance reviews, implemented cost-per-call targets and increased efficiencies that would never have been possible without having the real-time information to justify decision-making processes.

Akixi and the work Bart Delgado and his team have done is nothing short of outstanding.

It isn't out of the box, it is tailored to what you want to see, when you want to see it.

It's a stunning bit of kit. Quicker, better, more successful. Love it!

Andrew Johnson, Sales Consultant – Highnet

Wow! Love it.

Terri Griffiths, Director – Telephone Trainers Ltd

An in-depth call management reporting and wallboard solution - helping organisations gain a real-time understanding of calls.

Karlito Boukhrisa, Comms Specialist

I would like to commend Gary's patience and ability to resolve my issue. This kind of customer service is exactly what customers need and the kind of thing your company should be proud of.

Michael Hill, Networks Co‑ordinator – ​Wavenet

We are thrilled with the improvements to Akixi 2.0 and the new omnichannel reporting features available in Akixi 3000. This will open up a lot of new opportunities for our partners and will no doubt give the customers exactly what they need to make data-driven decisions and increase their return on investment.

Amazing work and product all round!

Rebecca Love, Sales Enablement Manager​ – Gamma

Great working with Akixi. A brilliant and powerful product, our customer is very happy!

Dean James, Managing Director – ​Incom Wales

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