Stuff As A Service

bart_delgado_news_picAkixi’s Managing Director Bart Delgado discusses his views on how Software as a Service will develop over the course of this year. Today a majority of UK organisations utilise some form of cloud based or hosted service across varied industries. Today customers are moving away from PBX solutions and are leaning more towards cloud based services.


Bart Delgado, Akixi MD:

Bart Delgado states that “Customers want to use a device of their choice at a time of their choosing to access anything. Do they care how this access is delivered? Not at all as long as they get what they want and access to their stuff is quick.

An issue for resellers is that currently we are in a hybrid market where some stuff is delivered via the cloud and other stuff is still customer premises based. The undeniable and underlying trend however is for more stuff to be accessed via the cloud – and remember that the customer is always king in the entire process.

So what is the difference between a product and a service? Microsoft Word used to be available in a box full of floppy discs and manuals, then on a single CD-ROM with on-disc help files. It was most definitely a product. Today, with Microsoft Office 365, Word is available via the cloud. That’s a service isn’t it? Therefore, Word is just another bit of stuff we can use as a service. If you substitute Stuff for Software as the first ‘S’ in SaaS you start to get the picture and in 2015 we are going to see a lot more stuff!

There’s a lot of relevance in this. Things that you want but don’t want to buy you will be able to pay for as you use or consume. There’s a huge impact here for vendors. Simplistically, vendors produce products and ship them against orders. The only worry is getting the next order in and shipping it out.

With “Stuff as a Service” the rules have changed. The vendor now has to ensure his ‘product’ not only works on delivery day but it also continues to work in the way that the users wants it to work on a weekly or monthly basis as those are the terms under which the stuff is supplied. If the product fails to live up to its promise then the user will simply download someone else’s stuff to replace it. Exit one customer.

The result for the user is that they will see more and more stuff available for them to pay for as they consume it and better stuff being made available. And as a result of this the user costs associated with buying products – maintenance costs and the like, are now consigned to history as these are transferred back to the vendor through the need for them to keep the ‘product’ up to date and relevant for the customer of the day.

So why are cloud based services becoming more and more popular? In my opinion the main reason is due to the commercial flexibility of delivery, whereby customers can pay for as much or as little as they need for when they need it (no more or less). Contrasting being stuck with and paying for a CPE based 60-seat call centre is no joke when you run a seasonal business and your average number of seats deployed throughout the year is 35.

Now you get the picture!”

About Akixi

Established in 2008, Akixi offers advanced hosted call management and call centre reporting services. We provide easy and cost effective services to both PBX and VoIP providers. We currently have customers in Europe, USA, South Africa and Mexico and have over 1900 active sites globally. We have over 200 sets of historical and real time call statistics, dials, alarms, charts and desktop wallboards. Our service is compatible with BroadSoft, Siemens and Panasonic platforms. Our service is available to users anywhere across multiple sites and is highly scalable from 2 to over 10,000 users.