Understand group overload on the move with the Hunt Group List

Hunt Group List Card

Hunt Group List ReportThe Hunt Group List report is available to Akixi 2000 and 3000 supervisors who have enhanced mobile app features enabled. When the hunt group report is viewed in real time, groups that have been added to the report will highlight based on the corresponding status of the group. The report can be viewed both historically and in real time.


Hunt Group List On The Move:

With the mobile app, on the move you can get a glance at how multiple sites are performing against each other with the Hunt Group List report. This report can also be used to help you understand group overload, with stats like Max Concurrent Calls.



Hunt Group Status:
Situated against each group description is the group status icon. This icon represents the overall call state at the corresponding group.

The different icons displayed are as follows:

Icon Description
No Contact Items No calls or emails are currently being distributed by the corresponding group
notification bell The group is currently distributing calls or emails that haven’t yet been picked up.
Answered Contact Item An active answered call or responded to email exists within the group. No unanswered contact items exist within the group either.

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Understand group overload on the move with the Hunt Group List