Service Level Settings

Service Level Settings Card

You can customise service level settings to monitor your customer SLAs and team KPIs in real time. Add the service level field to reports to show the percentage of calls or emails that have been answered or responded to within a specified threshold time.

Where to find the Service Level Settings:

To access the Service Level Settings, go to: Reporting → Modify the report → Settings tab → Service Level Settings.

Calls Should Be Answered Within:

This setting is used to enter in the target number of seconds in which calls or emails should be answered or responded to. This value is used to calculate the Service Level statistic. This setting can be defined with a numeric seconds value of your choice. By default this setting is 10.

Service Level Settings


Ignore Calls Within:

Using the two ‘ignore calls within’ settings, you can filter out abandoned and overflowed off calls from the calculation of the service level. To activate these settings you must click the checkbox against each setting and define a custom numeric value.

Ignore Calls


Adding the Service Level field to your report:

Modify report > Fields tab: 1. Click the ‘Add’ button > 2. Call Percentages > 3. Select channel type > 4. Inbound Answer Performance (voice only) > 5. Select ‘% Service Level’ field.

Service Level Table



Service Level Settings