Reporting Solutions Overview

With a range of flexible and scalable Akixi solutions for businesses of all sizes, let us help you find the right Akixi solution for your business requirements. This post will help you with breaking down the different Akixi solutions and understanding the features available with each Akixi reporting license.


Akixi Lite:
The perfect introductory call logging software for businesses which require a historic call reporting service without the need for real-time statistics.


Akixi 1000:
Akixi 1000 includes real-time call analytics for greater insight into your call operations and helping you manage your telephone resources and usage more effectively. Learn more about this call tracking software solution.


Akixi 2000:
Akixi 2000 provides businesses with an advanced analytics solution with the addition of call centre agent reporting, group reporting and account/disposition codes. This is an advanced call monitor and tracking solution.


Akixi 3000:
Akixi 3000 is an omnichannel analytics product providing flexible reporting for calls and email groups.


Mobile App:
The Akixi mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices, allowing you to access real-time wallboards and reports and agent activity from your mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.


Choose the service level that suits your business:

The below table summarises the features available across all Akixi solutions – this matrix can be used to help determine which Akixi license is required:

Akixi Product Matrix

For an easy to digest overview of all the Akixi solutions that are available, access the Akixi Solution Guide by clicking here.



Reporting Solutions Overview