My Reports Folder Feature


The Akixi folder functionality allows reports to be located in folders which are created by the Akixi Supervisor.

Creating a new report folder:

To create a new report folder, start by modifying the report that is to be located into a new folder. The Folder field can then be populated with the custom text that the new folder is to be named to.

New Report Folder

New Report Created

Once the new folder has been named, click the OK button. The newly created folder will include the report that has been used to create the new folder.

Adding a report to an existing folder:

Adding Report to folder

Start by modifying the report that is to be moved to an existing folder. The drop-down arrow against the Folder field can be selected to view a list of all the folders that exist. Select the folder that the report is to be added to and click OK. The report will be added to the folder selected in the drop-down menu.

Removing a report folder:

To remove a report folder, all the reports assigned with the folder must be removed or alternatively moved to another folder. Delete the text from the Folder field to disassociate a report with an existing folder.

For more information on report folders – watch this video.



My Reports Folder Feature