Report Sub-Folders

Supervisors can create report sub-folders for organising reports by teams, KPIs and category.

Expanding a report folder will display all the sub folders that have been created within the folder, along with any reports contained within the sub folder.

How to create report sub-folders

Supervisors can follow the instructions below to create report sub-folders.

1. Access Reporting and Add or Modify the report which is to be stored within a new report sub-folder.

2. Using the Folder field, type or select the main folder, followed by the name of the new sub folder. The new sub folder name must be entered with a back-slash either side (in the example below South Office\Reception\).
3. Make any further changes to the report settings and click the OK button.

Once all the above steps have been completed, the report sub folder will be created, sitting within the main folder. The new/modified report will be added to the new sub folder that has been created.

Any existing reports can be saved and stored within the newly created report sub folder.



Report Sub-Folders