Wildcard Filtering

Wildcard Filtering Card

Wildcard Filtering:

Wildcard filtering within Akixi is a very powerful tool that can be used to filter numbers based on a sequence of digits, such as an area code (01342) or the start of a UK mobile device (07).

Today we will look at using wildcard filtering on numbers that include a sequence of digits within a telephone number.

The below report from Akixi displays a log of historic calls, the ‘TELNO/CONTACTID (CLG)’ field displays the external telephone numbers that have called in. We are going to use wildcard filtering to return just the external telephone numbers starting with ’08’.

Historic Call List Report


To do this, modify the report and insert 08* into the ‘Telephone No(s)’ field. The star character is a key component of wildcard filtering.

Historic Call List


Once you have clicked ‘OK’, you will see that the report will display just the calls associated with telephone numbers starting with the digits ’08’. In a real-world scenario, the ’08’ digits can be replaced with any beginning sequence of a telephone-number. You must always follow this up with the star character (*).

Filtered Historic Call List


Extra Tip!
You can also use wildcard filtering on telephone numbers based on the end sequence of the number. For example, if you want to filter on just numbers ending with 08, you would enter the star character followed by 08 (*08).

Scope Filter


Click here for more information on wildcard filtering.



Wildcard Filtering