Wildcard Excluding

Wildcard Excluding Card

Wildcard Excluding

In this guide we will look at using wildcard exclusions to filter out telephone numbers from a report that match a sequence of digits.

The below report displays a log of historic calls, the ‘TELNO (CLG)’ field displays the external telephone numbers that have called in. We are going to use wildcard excluding to exclude all the external telephone numbers starting with ’08’.

Historic Call List 08 Numbers Highlighted


To do this, modify the report and insert !08* into the ‘Telephone No(s)’ field. The exclamation mark character (!) is used to exclude within Akixi

Scope Filtering


Once you have clicked ‘OK’, you will see that the report will filter out all the external telephone numbers that start with the digits ’08’ (see below):

Unfiltering Historic Call List

In a real world scenario, you could use this same method to exclude all UK mobile numbers from the report. To do this you would use the digits 07 instead (!07*).

Extra Tip!
You can also use wildcard excluding to exclude telephone numbers based on the end sequence of the number. For example, if you want to filter out external numbers from the report that end with the digit 5, you would enter an exclamation mark (the wildcard exclude character), followed by the star character and the digits you wish to exclude – in this case 5 (!*5).

Exlclude Scope Filter


Click here for more information on wildcard filtering within Akixi.



Wildcard Excluding