Unreturned Calls Metric

Unreturned Calls Statistic Card

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The Unreturned Calls metric is available as a statistic which can be added to wallboards and a number of other reports. This makes it even easier to respond quickly to missed calls, helping to improve customer experience and minimise potential lost revenue.

The Unreturned Calls statistic displays the number of abandoned calls that are yet to be returned. A call counts as returned when a successful return of an abandoned call is made, or if the external party has called in again and has successfully been answered. If a report is set to real time, a returned call will be subsequently taken away from the value displayed by the Unreturned Calls metric.

What reports can ‘Unreturned Lost Calls’ be added to?

The ‘Unreturned Lost Calls’ statistic can be added to the following reports via the call counts field category:

Desktop Wallboard
– Extension List
– ACD Agent List
– Hunt Group List
– Trunk Interface List
– Calls / Contacts By Tel No
– Calls / Contacts By DDI
– Calls / Contacts By ½ Hour Interval
– Calls / Contacts By ½ Hour + Day
– Calls / Contacts By Day
– Calls / Contacts By Week
– Calls / Contacts By Month

Adding the unreturned calls field to reports:

The field can be added to reports via the call counts field category, see instructions below.

1. Fields tab
2. Click Add
3. Call Counts category
4. Voice category
5. Tick Unreturned Calls field
6. Click OK

Adding unreturned calls field to report



Unreturned Calls Metric