Track Agent Not Available Duration

Using the ACD Agent List report, you can track exactly how long agents are spending in each not available code state. This is ideal for tracking agent performance and obtaining an insight into how long your agents are not available on a daily basis to handle incoming contact items.

The below screenshot displays what the report looks like once the correct filter settings have been applied:


Adding agents to the report:
The first step involves adding the agents who are to be monitored on the report.

Create/Modify ACD Agent List report > 1. Click the Filter tab > 2. Select agents from the ‘ACD Agent(s)’ field.



Adding N/A code fields to the report:
Once the agents have been selected, the next step involves adding the not available duration stats. These fields will display the time duration that each agent has spent in the N/A state. When adding the not available time fields to the report, you can add both the total duration spent in the N/A state and the average time spent the agent has spent in the N/A state.

1. Click the Fields tab > 2. Click Add > 3. ACD Times > 4. Not-Available Code Times > 5. Select the required N/A time fields > 5. Click OK.


The ACD Agent List report is available with the Akixi 2000 and 3000 solution. Click here for more information.