Get Started With The Akixi Reporting Portal

If you are a Reporting User and you are brand new to the Akixi Reporting Portal, we can help you get underway!


1. Watch the Getting Started With Akixi video playlist. ✅

After completing the video playlist, you will:

  • Understand the layout of the Reporting Portal.
  • Learn how to create new reports whilst applying basic filtering methods.
  • Find out how to schedule reports to be sent out automatically to your email.


Click on the play button below to start the playlist.


2. Read the Akixi Sample Reports User Guide. ✅

With this user guide you will learn about the different Report Types that are available for you to use inside the Reporting Portal.

You can then start to plan which Report Types are best to use for the reporting insight and metrics you are after.

You can open and download the user guide by clicking here.




3. Refer to the Online Akixi Help Guide. ✅

You can access the Akixi Help Guide by clicking the Help Button found at the bottom of the side reporting menu, or alternatively you can press the F1 Key whilst logged in.

Use the Help Guide to find out a host of Reporting Portal information, including reporting field definitions and general instructions.





Ready to advance to the next level and become a Reporting Guru? Be sure to check out our other tutorial videos available on the Akixi YouTube channel by clicking here.



Get Started With The Akixi Reporting Portal
Hilary King