Creating A Group Dashboard

A common misconception is that group reporting and analysis is only available with the Akixi 2000 and 3000 licenses. Whilst the Hunt Group Report is exclusive to these license levels, it is still possible to report on multiple groups within the same report using Akixi 1000. One of the best ways of achieving this is by utilising the Dashboard report.

The Dashboard report allows multiple reports to be viewed on a single screen. This allows up to six reports that are filtered on groups to be displayed on the Dashboard, this creates the ideal group overview allowing you to easily compare multiple sites and see how they are performing against each other.

Creating a dashboard

To create a dashboard, the supervisor must first access the reporting portal and follow the instructions below:

1. ‘Add Report’ button
2. Report tab
3. Select dashboard from the style drop-down field

After the dashboard report style has been selected, the dashboard tab will appear. This is where Supervisors can customise the layout of the dashboard and select which reports are displayed.

4. Dashboard tab
5. Use add button to select reports to add to dashboard report
6. Select dashboard layout
7. Click OK

Available dashboard layouts for the number of reports selected for inclusion will be displayed. For example, if only two reports have been added to the dashboard, then only the layout options which include tiles 1 and 2 will be displayed. In total, there are ten different report layout options that can be used on dashboard displays.

Each report added to the dashboard will be assigned with a colour-coded number. These colour-coded numbers correspond to the numbers displayed on the preview images of the dashboard layouts. For example, the report labelled number 1, will appear in the top left-hand corner of the dashboard.

Once the OK button has been clicked, the dashboard will be created reflecting the reports and layout that have been selected within the dashboard settings.



Creating A Group Dashboard