Alarm Customisation

Create unique alerts for different events and teams with field alarms able to be customised with sound and duration. Alarms can be configured on reports that are set to run in real time as alarms can only be configured against live thresholds.

Setting an alarm sound and type against a field

The steps below walk through the process of customising a field alarm with sound and a repeat type value – controlling how many times or how long an alarm alerts for.

Before customising a statistic alarm with these options, the alarm must be set with a trigger that causes the alarm to alert. Statistic alarm triggers can be set by following instructions three and four within the screenshot below.

1. Fields tab
2. Select field
3. Select alarm trigger
4. Select alarm trigger value
5. Select alarm sound
6. Select alarm sound playback type
7. Select playback type (only if ‘Seconds’ or ‘Repeat’ is selected in step 6)
8. Click OK

Alarm sounds

There is a choice of alarm sounds that can be selected to play when an alarm is alerting. Different sounds can be used on the same report for multiple fields which have been configured with an alarm.

Alarm repeat types

There are four different alarm repeat types that can be set against a field alarm. This setting determines how often an alarm alerts for when an alarm trigger is activated – this allows alarms to be customised and adapted for different teams.

The four different alarm repeat types are described below:

Once: When the alarm is activated the sound will play just the once.

Seconds: This option will continue to play the selected sound for the set number of seconds, following the alarm trigger threshold being met.

Persistent: The alarm sound will play persistently all the time that the alarm trigger threshold is met.

Repeat: When repeat is selected, a value needs to be entered to specify the number of times the alarm sound plays for following the alarm trigger threshold being met.



Alarm Customisation