Adding & Deleting Extension Devices

Adding & Deleting Extensions Card

Akixi is highly scalable and can be adjusted to the needs of your business. There may be times where you need to cut back on the number of extensions that are being monitored. Likewise, during business busy times, more extensions may need to be added and monitored on the reporting. Extensions are adjustable and can be added or removed at your demand.

Adding an extension device:

Login > Administration > Devices > Add:

Add New Device

1. Type the DDI associated with the new extension number into the ‘Device Number’ field
2. Select the customer’s company name in the ‘Partition’ field
3. Select the type of device from the drop-down list in ‘Device Type’
4. To add this device click ‘Add’

Deleting an extension device:

Login > Administration > Devices:

Deleting Extension Device

1. Select the Extension Device that you wish to delete
2. To confirm your choice and delete the device click ‘Delete’ and acknowledge the warning regarding loss of data once a device is removed from the service

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Adding & Deleting Extension Devices