Add Image Tiles To Wallboards

Image Tiles

Images can now be displayed on wallboard tiles, perfect for customising wallboards with a company logo or a team’s avatar. Up to four images can be added to a single wallboard report.




Adding image tiles to wallboards

The instructions below describe how to display image tiles on wallboard reports:

1. Fields tab
2. Click Add
3. User Content
4. Select Images to be displayed on report
5. Select image field
6. Insert image URL
7. Select background tile colour
8. Select fit image text box (optional)
9. Click Apply
10. Click OK

Adding Image Tiles to Wallboard

Once the tile has been configured, the image will display on the wallboard report. These instructions can be repeated to display up to four images on the same report.

Image URL

Images to be added to wallboard reports must be stored and hosted online using a file storage application such as Google Doc or OneDrive. The URL of the hosted image is then added to the corresponding tiles field settings – this provides Akixi with the path to access and display the image.

Image URL

Tile colour

When displaying an image on wallboard reports, a background tile colour can be selected from the tile drop-down field. If the image has a transparent background, such as a PNG or SVG, or the image does not fill the entirety of the tile, the colour selected from the tile field will display in the background of the image.

Fit image setting

The ‘fit image’ setting can be selected to ensure that the whole tile is filled with the image. The fit image selection will ensure that the narrowest aspect of the image always entirely fits the tile. If the fit image checkbox setting is not selected, the image will display with the original default image dimensions




Add Image Tiles To Wallboards