Akixi Omnichannel Panel

Omnichannel Panel Application Card

Omnichannel PanelThe Omnichannel Panel is Akixi’s Windows desktop application that allows Agents to be notified of new group contacts (calls, emails) and is used to deliver them direct to the Agent. Agents can use the Omnichannel Panel application to change their state and sign in and out of queues and groups.

The site must be setup with the Akixi 3000 licence for agents to be able to make use of the Omnichannel Panel application. Learn more about our omnichannel analytics software, Akixi 3000.

Picking up emails and calls:

Omnichannel Panel Pick Up Contacts

Pick up emails and calls that are sitting in a queue waiting to be answered.




Setting to a not-available reason:

Omnichannel Panel Not Available: Reason

Out to lunch or going on a break? Agents can set themselves to a specific not-available reason.






Signing out:

Omnichannel Panel Signing Out

Agents can sign out and set status as not-available from within the Omnichannel Panel app.




Setting to wrap-up:

Omnichannel Panel Wrap Up

Been busy on a call or email and need a moment before taking another contact item? Agents can use the Set Wrap-Up button to quickly change their status to wrap-up.



Signing in/out of groups:

Omnichannel Panel Signing In / Out Groups

Agents can manage the load of calls / emails by signing in and out of groups.



Akixi Omnichannel Panel