Never leave a call unreturned again with the Akixi mobile app

Unreturned Lost Calls App Card

Unreturned Lost Calls ExpandedWith the mobile app, supervisors can use the unreturned lost calls/contacts report to have round-the-clock visibility on all of the calls that have not been answered or dealt with.

The report is available to Akixi 1000, 2000 and 3000 supervisors who have the enhanced mobile app features bolt on enabled. The report can be viewed both historically and in real time.


Reporting on missed calls in real time:
When the report is set to real time, the report will automatically update with the calls that have been missed/abandoned. These calls will be highlighted in red on the report. Abandoned calls that have been returned will be highlighted in green, after a minimum period of 15 minutes, these calls will be removed from the report.


When are calls seen as returned?

  • When a successful return call is made to the caller of an abandoned call, the call will be seen as returned.
  • The call will also be deemed as returned if the external party has called in again and has successfully been answered.


Call status:

Situated against each call on the report is an icon displaying whether the abandoned call has been returned yet.

These icons are detailed in the table below:

Icon Description
Answered A successfully answered call has subsequently occurred with the abandoned caller. The corresponding call will be automatically removed from the abandoned call list approximately 15 minutes after it was successfully returned.
Abandoned The abandoned call has had no subsequent successful return call, and has also not called in again and been successfully answered.

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Never leave a call unreturned again with the Akixi mobile app