Max Concurrent Calls

Accurately understand your business busy times and identify patterns in your call traffic by utilising the Max Concurrent Calls field.

The Max Concurrent Calls field measures how many active inbound and outbound calls are occurring in your business at one time. This will help you to understand call or group overload, highlighting timeframes where you may need to allocate additional resource to handle enquiries and reduce abandoned calls.

The Wallboard below shows in real time that 9 Max Concurrent Calls are currently taking place:

This report highlights the number of Maximum Concurrent Calls per half-hour interval during business hours:

How to add the Max Concurrent Calls Field to Reports

The Maximum Concurrent Calls field can be added to reports via the ‘Call Counts’ field category. See the instructions below displaying exactly where the field is located.

Modify report:

1. Fields tab
2. Click Add button
3. Call Counts field category
4. Select Voice channel type
5. Select ‘Max Concurrent’ statistic
6. Click OK



Max Concurrent Calls