Group Reporting

Each Akixi reporting license provides different capabilities and features when it comes to reporting on hunt groups and call queues. Carry on reading to see just some of the ways you can report on groups with each Akixi licence level.

Akixi Lite

With Akixi Lite you can analyse contact trends and understand when your groups are at their busiest throughout a typical business day. See if too many group members are going for breaks at the same time, resulting in a high number of abandoned within the group. Gain insight into your business busy times and allocate staff resource effectively.

You can analyse contact trends by half hour, day, week and month. The below Calls By Day report shows how many calls are coming into the group daily over the course of a week.

Akixi 1000

Supervisors that have the Akixi 1000 license can use the Extension List report to filter on groups and see how many calls each group member is answering when calls are ringing into a group. When the report is filtered on the group, group members will automatically be added to the report (as shown below).

Akixi 2000 / 3000

The Akixi 2000 and 3000 reporting solutions include all of the Akixi 1000 group reporting features, whilst incorporating the addition of call centre agent reporting. This enables supervisors to successfully manage call centre operations with improved efficiency.

The Hunt Group report available with Akixi 2000 and 3000 allows you to display and monitor the statistics of all your hunt groups on a single report, this allows you to get a glance at how multiple sites are performing against each other. This report can also be used to help you understand group overload, with stats like Max Concurrent Calls.

When the Hunt Group report is viewed in real time, groups that have been added to the report will highlight based on the corresponding status of the group. The report can be viewed both historically and in real time.



Group Reporting