Fullscreen Reports

Reports can be viewed in fullscreen mode with the single click of a button, ideal for displaying reports on a large display screen.

Entering fullscreen mode

The ‘Enter fullscreen’ icon is found in the bottom right-hand side of the reporting portal next to the report transitioning button.

Clicking the icon will display the report in fullscreen mode with just the report and the open report tabs in view.

This will also evoke the browser fullscreen mode (F11 for example).

Unlike using the F11 key alone, the fullscreen button will also remove the report toolbar and menu navigation from view.

Exiting fullscreen mode

To close fullscreen mode, click on the icon. This will revert the view back to the previous report display, taking the browser out of fullscreen mode.

Alternatively, pressing the F11 key will exit fullscreen mode.

For an easy to digest overview of all the Akixi solutions that are available, access the Akixi Solution Guide by clicking here.



Fullscreen Reports