Filtering with Call IDs

Unique Call IDs Card

Every single call that is monitored on the Akixi reporting is assigned with a unique ID. You can filter a report on this unique call identifier to view all the information associated with the individual call in question.

Why would you want to filter on a specific call?

Filtering on a specific call using the Call ID provides an overview of all the individual segments that are associated with a single call. This provides you with visibility on where a call may have been transferred and moved about in the lifecycle of the call.

Obtaining the Call ID

To obtain the Call ID, you must be using the Historic Call List report. The ‘CallID (System)’ field can be found within the ‘Diagnostic Values’ field category. Click ‘OK’ once the field has been selected.

Obtaining Call ID


Once the field has been added to the report, see the ‘CALLID (TELSVR)’ column which displays a unique identifier against each call. Simply copy the identifier for the call that you wish to report on.

Call ID Historic Call List Report


Reporting on the Call ID

After copying the Call ID, go ahead and create a new Extension List report. Paste the copied ID into the ‘Call Identifier’ field. Ensure that the date/time settings of the report are modified so that the call being filtered on exists within the date/time range of the report.

Call ID Filter Window


After the report filter settings have been confirmed, the report will display a individual row for each segment that exists within the Call ID that has been filtered on (see below):

Segment Call



Filtering with Call IDs