Filtering On Internal Calls

There will be occasions where you only want to report on internal calls. Reporting on internal calls is an effective way to monitor internal communication and see how your team are collaborating with one another when working from home.

You can also get an understanding of how much time your team are allocating every day to handle internal calls within the business.

How to filter on internal calls only

The steps below show the settings to be configured so that a report is filtered to report on internal calls only.

1. Modify the report which is to be filtered on internal calls
2. Select the filter tab
3. Ensure the channel type is set to voice calls
4. Select internal only
5. Click OK

Internal calls team dashboard

Once you know how to filter reports on internal calls only, you can begin to get creative and develop team reports that show how many internal calls your team members are answering and how long your team are on a the phone talking to one another.

The below report is an Akixi dashboard report made up of six individual team member wallboard reports filtered on internal calls. To learn more about creating dashboard reports, check out our post which walks you through the steps of creating a dashboard.



Filtering On Internal Calls