Filter calls based on how they have ended

End Reason Filter Card

There will be scenarios where you wish to filter on all the calls that have ended in a certain way whether this be because you want to find out all the calls ended on hold or view the calls that have been moved to a device that is not being monitored.

End Reason Setting

The ‘End Reason’ setting drop-down contains a list of end-reasons that can be can be filtered on. Once the instructions below have been followed, the report will display all the calls that ended based on the end reason selection.

Modify Report > 1. Access the ‘Other’ tab > 2. Select an ‘End Reason’ > 3. Click ‘OK’ to apply the filter.

End Reason Other

Likewise, you can also filter on calls based on the start reason, use the ‘Call Segment Start Reason’ field to do this.



Filter calls based on how they have ended