Create the ultimate report leaderboard

Encourage and motivate your staff by creating the ultimate report leaderboard.

Watch team members strive to reach the top of the leaderboard by improving the way they handle communication coming into the business. This will ignite a spark of friendly competition by letting your team members see how they are performing compared to their peers – you can even provide rewards and bonuses to people who get the best results.

Creating a leaderboard

Field ordering functionality allows you to order field rows by ascending or descending order. See at a glance the users who have taken the most and least amount of calls, emails and live chats.

  1. Start by creating an Extension or ACD Agent List report
  2. Add the users who are to be monitored on the report
  3. Open up the report and click on the field header that is to be sorted by. Clicking the field header once will order the column in ascending order. Clicking the field header again will sort the column in descending order.


Leaderboards like this are also a fantastic way of monitoring and connecting with staff who are working from home. For more tips on how to connect and mange remote workers, read our monthly blog – click here.

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Create the ultimate report leaderboard