Copy Individual Reports

The copy reports feature allows Administrators to select reports to be copied from a Supervisor account to other Supervisors within the same site. Administrators have the flexibility to decide whether a single report or a collection of reports are copied over.

How to copy reports

When copying reports from a Supervisor account, reports can only be sent to other Supervisors who have access to the same Telephony Server and Partition as the original user.

The instructions below explain the process of copying reports from one Supervisor account to another.

Log in with an Administration account

1. Click the menu button in the top-left of the portal
2. Select Administration
3. Choose Application Users

4. Tick the Select checkbox against the user where reports are to be sent from
5. Click the Copy Reports To button

6. Select the reports that are to be copied from the user account
7. Click Next

8. Select the reports that are to be copied from the user account
9. Optional: Click the checkbox if all users being sent the reports are to have all their existing reports deleted
10. Click Next

11. Click OK to provide confirmation that users’ existing reports are going to be overwritten

12. Click the Copy / Overwrite (if step 9 has been followed) button to proceed.

At this stage of the process, the Back button can be used to go back to the previous step in the wizard.

Once the Copy / Overwrite button has been selected, the copy reports wizard is complete, and all the selected reports will be copied across to the Application Users selected in step 8.

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Copy Individual Reports