Central Management Environment (CME)

A Central Management Environment, or CME, is simply a container that can hold any number of Telephony Servers, Application Users, and even other CMEs. The top-level CME that a user has access to – known as the Primary CME – is where Administrators sign in to manage their entire Akixi estate.

The CME provides a single point of access for Akixi Administrators to view, manage and administrate all their Akixi customers from within a single environment, with a single login.

The CME also has the added benefit of allowing Akixi Administrators to access billing CDRs and summaries for all their customer sites from a single location.

CMEs can be used to store collections of other CMEs for housekeeping and management purposes. So whether you have your own dedicated Akixi server, or your customers are located on a shared server, your company will have their own Primary Central Management Environment, allowing you to manage your entire Akixi estate from a single location.

Akixi CME Overview Video

If you’re a service provider or reseller with multiple customers using Akixi, take a quick look at how the Central Management Environment (CME) helps make you as an Akixi Administrator more efficient!

Akixi CME Tutorial Video

If you’re an Akixi Administrator, this video provides a follow-along tutorial where you can learn how to build and manage your Central Management Environments, or CMEs, within Akixi.



Central Management Environment (CME)
Hilary King