Calls Ended On-Hold

Calls Ended On Hold Statistic Card

Supervisors have the ability to report on all the calls ended on-hold and make a call back where otherwise the call and the potential revenue alongside it would have been lost.

Calls ended on-hold fields:

There are two ended on-hold statistics: a count statistic that records the number of calls ended whilst on-hold, and a percentage statistic showing the percentage of total calls that were ended on-hold. The steps below can be followed to add the calls ended on-hold field to reports.

Modify report: 1. Fields tab > 2. Click Add button > 3. Contact/Call Counts field category > 4. Select Voice channel type > 5. Select ‘Calls Ended On-Hold’ statistic > 6. Click OK

Calls Ended On Hold Stat

*The ‘% Calls Ended On-Hold’ field can be added by selecting the Contact/Call Percentages category instead.

Create a list of calls that have been ended on-hold:

Using end reason filtering on a Historic Call List report, you can create a list of all the calls that have ended on-hold. The TELNO (CLG) field displays the external number of the caller that has called in and has subsequently ended the call after waiting on-hold.

The Historic Call List report is available with the Akixi Lite, 1000, 2000 and 3000 license levels. Take a look at the complete suite of business call management solutions.

Historic Call List Calls Ended On Hold

End reason filtering can be performed by following the steps below:

Modify report: 1. Other tab > 2. Select ‘Ended On-Hold Only’ end reason > 3. Click OK

Ended On Hold Only Filtering



Calls Ended On-Hold