Calls By Day of Week

The Calls by Day of Week report type is an interval report showcasing each day of the week – this provides measurable trend analysis on a day-by-day basis.

A custom timeframe can be set against the report (e.g. a month) to identify activity occurring each day of the week. This allows Reporting Users to easily see which days are commonly busier than others or which day of the week calls are more likely to be missed, for example.

Creating a Calls by Day of Week Report

The Maximum Concurrent Calls field can be added to reports via the ‘Call Counts’ field category. See the instructions below displaying exactly where the field is located.

Reporting > Add a Report:

1. Select the Calls by Day of Week report style.
2. Set a timeframe.
3. Select which days to show on the report.
4. Choose which statistics are to be measured against days of the week.
5. Click OK.

After the OK button has been clicked, the Calls by Day of Week report will be created.



Calls By Day of Week
Hilary King