Call and Agent Control

Akixi reporting users can benefit from the built-in call control and agent control functions to initiate calls directly from the reporting toolbar, change agent state and sign in and out of groups and queues.

The call control features are linked to the reporting user’s primary extension device.

Call Control Functions


Clicking this icon displays the personal call control options that can be performed.






This icon allows the user to initiate a new call using the reporting portal.






Clicking this icon completes a previously initiated enquiry transfer operation to a target device.



Pressing this icon places a current active call on hold.



This icon answers the current alerting call.



Pressing this icon ends an active call.



Agent Control Functions

The Agent Control icon can be used to easily sign in and out groups and queues.

Agents can also make use of the quick functions to sign in or out of all groups at once. This prevents users from having to individually select groups one by one.

When the blue tick appears to the left of a group, this confirms that the Agent has signed into that group. Agents will need to click the group again if they wish to sign out of the group. If the box is empty against the group, this indicates that the group is not signed in to.

The Agent Control icon can also be used to easily change to Available, Wrap-up or a custom Not-Available state.

Did you know that Akixi ONE reporting users can take advantage of call and agent control functions to manage their availability and view colleagues status instantly? Find out more about the Akixi ONE solution – click here.



Call and Agent Control
Hilary King