Auto Zoom Level

‘Auto’ is available as a report zoom level option, which keeps reports consistently optimised for the current display.

Setting the report zoom level to ‘Auto’ will automatically adjust the report to fit the width of the reporting pane.

Adjusting the zoom level to ‘Auto’

The ‘Auto’ zoom level option is available on all reports except the wallboard report which already automatically adjusts to the dimension of the screen.

The ‘Auto’ zoom level setting will only ever increase the zoom level to make a report fit the full width of available screen. It will never reduce a report to less than 100% zoom level.

To set a report to auto zoom, select the report you want to view and select the ‘Auto’ option from the zoom level toolbar field – this is displayed in the screenshot below.

Auto zoom level example

The example provided below shows the difference between a report set to the ‘Auto’ zoom level, in comparison to a report set at 100% zoom level.


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Auto Zoom Level