Akixi Business Benefits

With Akixi you can begin to understand your business like never before with 20 report types and over 400 reporting statistics to choose from.

Below we take a look at some of the huge benefits that Akixi can bring for businesses both large and small.

Retrieve missed calls and lost revenue

Maximise your revenue and customer service with the unreturned lost calls report.  This report will help you identify if those missed calls have called back or use it proactively to reach out to otherwise lost opportunities. This makes it even easier to respond quickly to missed calls, helping to improve customer experience and minimise potential lost revenue.

Understand business busy times

Are too many people going for lunch at the same time resulting in a high number of abandoned calls? Are people trying to place orders or use your services when you are not open? Gain insight into your business busy times and allocate staff resource effectively.

You can analyse contact trends by half hour, day, week and month.

Measure real-time KPIs

A wallboard is a real-time at a glace view of what is going on for any business. Displaying a wallboard on a big-screen in the office will allow teams to see the contribution they are making towards business KPIs.

Track performance and motivate your staff

Typically the most expensive resources to any business is the staff. An extension or ACD agent list report can help optimise this recourse whilst increasing their productivity. See at a glance the users who have taken the most and least amount of calls and emails. This report can also be used as a tool to motivate staff to improve their contact performance and strive to reach the top of the leaderboard.



Akixi Business Benefits