Akixi Presence

Akixi Presence Card

Akixi Presence makes it possible to see at a glance the current state of colleagues’ extensions in real time.

What is Akixi Presence?
Akixi Presence is a user account type allowing users to monitor colleagues’ extensions and view their own historic call data. The below reports are available with Akixi Presence accounts:

Extension BLF (Busy Lamp Field)


This report displays individual tiles which change colour depending on the current state of an extension, e.g. whether they are on a call, set to ‘do not disturb’, etc





AssetSimilar to Extension BLF, but this report displays the state of the ACD agent, e.g. whether they are signed in and available, being offered a call, busy on a call, set to ‘do not disturb’, or (when N/A codes are used) whether the agent is in wrap-up, in a meeting, at lunch, etc




Historic Call List

AssetThis report enables Akixi Presence users to see details of the calls that they individually have made/received




What are the benefits of Akixi Presence?

Create team unity:
Whether your company employs a handful of people or a team of thousands, across one or multiple sites, Presence visibility can help employees feel like they are part of one team, regardless of their location.

Improve employee productivity:
Being able to see the status of colleagues in real time is a huge time saver, as you can get immediate answers or transfer calls to people you know are available to take your call.

Find out more:
For more information and to find out how Akixi presence can help you – click here.



Akixi Presence