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View the status of your colleagues extensions
With Akixi Presence, you can quickly and easily view the live status of colleague extensions. So if like many people you now work from home and can’t physically see your team-mates across the office, this real-time status can be a great asset and save you time. You can instantly see who’s free to answer your query, or who’s the best available person to transfer a call to.

Monitor Agent activity in your team
Akixi Presence allows you to view the status of your team-mates – giving you the visibility you need to work collaboratively, in and out of the office.

Clicking on your agent tile, you can easily change to a custom agent state such as making your team-mates aware that you have gone for lunch – great for when you are working from home and you want your team to know that you are away from your desk and unable to pick up any calls.

View your call history
Presence makes it so simple for you to keep a close eye on all the calls you have made or received.

With this visibility you can start to see how much time you are allocating every day to handle calls within the business. With stats like talk time and which groups you are picking calls up from, you can find out the type of calls that take the longest to deal with.

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Akixi Presence