Abandoned Threshold Metrics

Abandoned threshold metrics can be reported on to measure the quantity and percentage of abandoned calls that occur within custom set duration thresholds. This allows Reporting Users to determine how long callers are waiting without being answered, before abandoning the call.

The Abandoned Time Statistics section within the SLA/KPI report properties, contains six target threshold metrics – all of which can be adjusted and reported on. The example below shows ‘Target 1’ being set to 60 seconds. Reporting Users can then add the ‘Target 1’ metric to reports to monitor how many abandoned calls occurred within the set 60-second duration.

Custom-set abandoned thresholds can be displayed within reports as both a count and percentage metric.

Setting Custom Abandoned Thresholds

Reporting > Add / Modify a Report:

2. Configure the Abandoned Time Statistic values using the Target 1-6 fields.

Abandoned target time durations can be reset back to the default interval values using the ‘Reset Abandoned Intervals’ button.

Once the Abandoned Time Statistic targets have been configured, Reporting Users can then proceed to adding statistics to reports where they can be measured – see below.

Adding Abandoned Threshold Metrics to Reports

Reporting > Add / Modify a Report:

1. Fields
2. Click Add.
3. Select the Abandoned Time Statistics metrics to be added to the report.

  • The Inbound Abandoned Performance count fields can be found in the Call Counts > Voice > Inbound Abandoned Performance category.
  • The % Inbound Abandoned Performance fields can be found in the Call Percentages > Voice > Inbound Abandoned Performance category.

4. Click OK.

Once the OK button has been clicked, the selected Abandoned Time Statistics metrics will be added to reports.



Abandoned Threshold Metrics
Hilary King