Akixi Presence

Akixi Presence

Product Description

Suitable for small, medium and larger-sized businesses using the Akixi 1000 or Akixi 2000 software, this dynamic add-on service provides Presence users with access to a variety of report styles including Extension BLF, ACD Agent BLF and Historical Call List. Strategic call monitoring software for the proactive business.

Akixi Presence – Report Styles

* It is possible to use the Historical Call List report in Akixi Presence but it is automatically filtered by the user’s assigned extension device.

Akixi Presence – Report Features

Akixi Product Levels Lite Presence 1000 2000
Historical Reporting tick tick tick tick
Scheduling tick cross tick tick
Cradle To Grave Reporting tick cross tick tick
Call Recording Plug-In tick tick tick tick
Abandoned Call Recovery tick cross tick tick
Real Time Reporting cross tick tick tick
Presence BLF View cross tick tick tick
Call Control cross tick tick tick
Alarms cross tick tick tick
Charting cross cross tick tick
1000 Wallboard cross cross tick tick
* ACD Statistics cross cross cross tick
DND Statistics cross cross cross tick
* Not Available Codes cross cross cross tick
Hunt Group cross cross cross tick
*ACD Group Analytics cross cross cross tick
2000 Wallboard cross cross cross tick
* ACD call statistics require ACD agent subscriptions.

Adding Akixi Presence to your Akixi call monitoring software will give Presence users visibility of the Extension BLF report, allowing them to see the status of other Presence users’ extensions (e.g. if they are on a call, set to DND, etc.). The inclusion of a Historic Call List also enables Presence users to see details of all the calls that they have made/received (each Presence user is only able to see their own call data). Using Akixi Presence on your call management software system helps to monitor and improve the efficiency and performance of your teams.

Whether your company employs just a handful of call centre representatives or a team of thousands, quality call monitoring software can make all the difference. Optimise the support you provide and strive for continuous improvement, with the help of Akixi’s call monitoring software.

Dynamic Call Monitoring Software

Akixi Presence makes it quick and easy to see at a glance the current state of extensions across the entire department or business. This enables telephone operatives to note when other users are available for calls or currently on a call, along with phones set to ‘Do Not Disturb’ or other ‘Not Available’ statuses. All information is presented by way of a user-friendly web-based reporting facility, providing customers with key metrics and real-time insights.

Extensions are displayed in the form of individual BLF (Busy Lamp Field) tiles, which change colour depending on the current state of an extension. Additional information can be accessed by simply placing the mouse curser over the corresponding extension’s BLF tile. Akixi Presence is a basic supervisory call status monitoring suite, allowing the user to monitor colleagues’ extensions and view their own historic call data. Providing quick and easy access to Extension BLF, ACD Agent BLF (available with Akixi 2000 only) and Historical Call List report styles, Akixi Presence is available with the Akixi 1000 and Akixi 2000 products.

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