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Product Description

The Akixi app, available on both iOS and Android, gives Akixi 1000 and 2000 Supervisors the ability to view wallboards on a smartphone or tablet any time, anywhere. If you have alarms activated against specific fields, you can choose to have a vibration or sound alert (or both) when the alarm is activated – perfect if you’re in a meeting or on the go. Additionally, Akixi 2000 Supervisors have an option to benefit from ACD Agent reporting and control via the app.

Our app flyer is available to download from the Resources page, click here.

Accessing the App

Click the relevant icon below to be taken directly to the Akixi app store listing for your device.

After you have installed and opened the application you will need to enter your Akixi Server URL, Username and Password. These are the same credentials that you use to log into the Akixi service portal from your browser. See below.

Configure Your App Settings

To configure your report view within the app, click on the vertical ellipsis icon (⋮) in the top-right corner of your screen to access the options. Here you can switch between List/Tile view when viewing your wallboards. You can also access your report’s alarm settings via the (⋮) icon.

With the app’s ACD agent functionality enabled, Akixi 2000 supervisors can switch between Agent Summary and BLF view when viewing the agent list report. You can also control an agent’s status, for example, signing them in/out of call queues and changing their Not-Available status.



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