Akixi Lite


Akixi Lite

Product Description

Akixi Lite is our basic level of call logging system software, providing businesses with historical cradle to grave call reporting. Affordable, flexible and easy to use, Akixi Lite offers scheduled reports and trend analysis by multiple intervals such as calls by half-hour, calls per day, per week or per month. It is the perfect introductory call logging system software for businesses which require a historical cradle to grave call reporting service.

Akixi Lite – Report Styles

* It is possible to use the Historical Call List report in Akixi Presence but it is automatically filtered by the user’s assigned extension device.

Akixi Lite – Report Features

Akixi Product Levels Lite Presence 1000 2000
Historical Reporting tick tick tick tick
Scheduling tick cross tick tick
Cradle To Grave Reporting tick cross tick tick
Call Recording Plug-In tick tick tick tick
Abandoned Call Recovery tick cross tick tick
Real Time Reporting cross tick tick tick
Presence BLF View cross tick tick tick
Call Control cross tick tick tick
Alarms cross tick tick tick
Charting cross cross tick tick
1000 Wallboard cross cross tick tick
* ACD Statistics cross cross cross tick
DND Statistics cross cross cross tick
* Not Available Codes cross cross cross tick
Hunt Group Monitoring cross cross cross tick
*ACD Group Analytics cross cross cross tick
2000 Wallboard cross cross cross tick
* ACD call statistics require ACD agent subscriptions.

If telephone contact plays a key role in your business, chances are you could benefit significantly from call logging system software. On Akixi Lite, our simple yet powerful cradle to grave call reporting feature provides invaluable historical data about incoming and outgoing phone calls, which can contribute to your strategic business planning and decision-making.

Cradle to grave call reporting allows you to see the journey of any given historical call from beginning to end – including how the call was diverted through the business, wait times, etc. You are able to review important statistics and metrics such as time per call, abandoned calls, and number of calls. Identify areas for improvement and implement changes accordingly, for example, increasing staffing levels during peak calling periods.

Premium Call Logging System Software

High-quality call logging system software provides businesses with convenient access to key analytics, providing helpful insights on how your business is performing. Proactive call reporting gives businesses the opportunity to detect and correct issues and discrepancies in a timely, organised and consistent manner.

Our comprehensive call logging ensures that every completed call is logged instantly and accurately. Keep a close eye on the calls you have received, noting where they originated from, the times/days you received the heaviest influx of calls, and so much more. Cradle to grave call reporting can help you and your team to improve the accuracy and consistency of the service you provide.

Flexible, Scalable Cradle to Grave Call Reporting Solutions

Akixi provides an extensive range of flexible, scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need to log calls for a team of two or a company of 10,000 employees, Akixi can help improve the efficiency and consistency of your company’s communications strategy.

Enhance the service you provide and simplify call tracking and reporting with Akixi. Explore our full range of call management, logging and analytic software products.


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