Akixi 1000


Akixi 1000

Product Description

In addition to the Akixi Lite features, Akixi 1000 includes real-time call analytics giving you greater insight into your call operations and helping you manage your telephone resources and usage more effectively. Akixi’s comprehensive reporting functionality allows you to scrutinise and analyse your call traffic more deeply, including reports for missed and abandoned calls, giving you the opportunity to minimise potential lost revenue. The Akixi wallboard is also available with this service level, enabling you to display your business KPIs and call statistics in a highly visual format which is a massive motivator for your teams.

Akixi 1000 – Report Styles

* It is possible to use the Historical Call List report in Akixi Presence but it is automatically filtered by the user’s assigned extension device.

Akixi 1000 – Report Features

Akixi Product Levels Lite Presence 1000 2000
Historical Reporting tick tick tick tick
Scheduling tick cross tick tick
Cradle To Grave Reporting tick cross tick tick
Call Recording Plug-In tick tick tick tick
Abandoned Call Recovery tick cross tick tick
Real Time Reporting cross tick tick tick
Presence BLF View cross tick tick tick
Call Control cross tick tick tick
Alarms cross tick tick tick
Charting cross cross tick tick
1000 Wallboard cross cross tick tick
* ACD Statistics cross cross cross tick
DND Statistics cross cross cross tick
* Not Available Codes cross cross cross tick
Hunt Group Monitoring cross cross cross tick
*ACD Group Analytics cross cross cross tick
2000 Wallboard cross cross cross tick
* ACD call statistics require ACD agent subscriptions.

Key call tracking metrics can be highly beneficial, helping you make strategic and informed decisions. For example, the data collected by a quality call tracking software system such as Akixi 1000 makes it much easier to monitor and quantify the success of your sales teams, customer support teams, and marketing campaigns.

You can build a clear and accurate picture of how your operations are performing, monitoring key metrics like call volumes, when and where the calls come from, call waiting times, call length and more.

Best of all, because Akixi’s call tracking software is cloud based, our service is quick and easy to deploy, with no need for expensive hardware purchases. Our call tracking software maximises the value and efficiency of your existing setup.

What are tracking metrics?

A business tracking metric is a quantifiable measure used to track and assess the status of a specific business process. Every area of a business has specific performance metrics which are monitored, for example marketing, social media, sales performance or program statistics. With tracking metrics, these can be watched and used to benefit the business.

What are key metrics?

A key metric is a statistic which gives a measure of a business or a department’s overall health and performance. By tracking the key metrics, a business will have an accurate representation about what is performing well and what isn’t.

How does call tracking work?

Call tracking involves tracking a businesses phone leads, by implementing a tracking number throughout their website. By adding an extract of JavaScript to your website, this can dynamically display a call tracking number when a visitor is sent to your website from a tracked link, such as a paid ad or email campaign. This can monitor if your marketing efforts are producing results.

Enhance your contact strategy and simplify call tracking and reporting with Akixi. Explore our full range of products and services dedicated to call management.

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