What’s new for 2021

Welcome to 2021! As we put last year behind us, the team at Akixi is now fully focused on delivering a set of new features and product enhancements over the next 12 months.

Discover our 2021 roadmap by watching the 2-minute video below, or read on to find out the full details.

Central Management Environment
The Central Management Environment (CME) will allow partners to manage all their customer sites through a single point of access. This will simplify end user estate management and improve end user estate security without the need for separate Akixi Administration credentials for each site. The CME will have the added benefit of allowing partners to access billing for all customer sites within a central location.

Report Wizard
The Report Wizard will make it easier for Supervisors to create custom built reports with the help of a step-by-step walkthrough wizard, avoiding the need to drill down into specific report settings – ideal for both existing and new users.

Report Store
Supervisors will be able to select prebuilt reports from the Report Store and automatically add them to their report list. Finding relevant reports on the store will be simple, with the ability to search and filter by category, industry vertical, use case, view type, and more.

New User Type for Remote Workers
A new user type coming this year will provide remote workers with the functionality to view the status and statistics of groups and queues that they are a member of – providing team members with visibility of all the metrics that would usually be displayed in the office.

Admin Rights for Supervisors
Supervisors can be assigned with low-level administration permissions which will allow them to be more self-sufficient with managing their own site.

Application User Roles
This feature will allow Administration permissions to be granted or restricted based on job role. For example, a member of staff from your accounts team can be given an Administration account which only has permission to access the billing of customer sites. This will allow for increased security/compliance management by allocating permissions according to a defined role.

Improvements to provisioning Akixi in 2021 will make for quicker deployment and easier management of Akixi sites.

New platform integrations will be coming to Akixi, including Cisco Webex Calling and the call recording integration with Call Cabinet.

Find Out More

Should you have any questions, please contact your Akixi Business Development Manager directly. Or, if you’re not an Akixi customer, click here to request an online demonstration or submit an enquiry to us and we’ll get back to you.



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What’s new for 2021
Hilary King