Press Release: Akixi Announces New Integration With Webex Calling

23 November 2021, Crawley, United Kingdom

Akixi, a provider of cloud-based call reporting and analytics, announces its integration with Webex Calling, Cisco’s telephony platform.

Akixi’s cloud-based call reporting and analytics software provides businesses with over 400 historic and real-time statistics across 20 different report types including dashboards and wallboards. By using this data to develop a deeper understanding of business performance, users can ultimately increase business efficiency, maximise revenue, optimise the workforce and improve customer service.

With Akixi as an integration into Webex Calling, organisations can access fully customisable reports and schedule reports to be emailed out at a given time and day. In addition, the Akixi wallboards and dashboards provide real-time at-a-glance visibility of how Webex Calling users are performing against SLAs and other KPIs, how many calls are queueing and even the value of potential revenue in the queue.

“The Webex platform enables third-party developers to directly extend our collaboration workflows and offer new value to our customers,” said Anurag Dhingra, CTO of Webex by Cisco. “Our Webex Calling customers can now discover and integrate Akixi’s call reporting and analytics technologies.”

Hilary King, Head of Marketing at Akixi, added: “Akixi’s growth strategy over the past 12-24 months has been firmly aligned with Cisco’s focus on growing UCaaS market share. Our integration with the Webex Calling platform, the latest milestone in Akixi’s product roadmap, now extends Akixi’s reach further than ever before, enabling more companies worldwide to access our solutions and reap the benefits of real-time business analytics.”

With Akixi already established as a market leader for analytics and reporting in the BroadWorks market, this new integration with Webex Calling is the natural next step in the company’s platform evolution, following Cisco’s acquisition of BroadSoft a few years ago.

Channel partners will now be able to further strengthen their product portfolio with a market-leading business solution, while enabling their end user customers to gain deeper business insight and make data-driven decisions for short, medium and long-term business improvement.

Akixi’s listing on the Webex App Hub can be viewed here:

About Akixi

Akixi specialises in award-winning hosted call and contact reporting and analytics software, helping businesses to increase productivity, maximise revenue and improve overall business performance. Through our trusted partnerships with over 500 leading B2B telecoms and IT providers, we provide Akixi’s comprehensive reporting and analytics solutions to over 7,000 customer sites worldwide.

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Press Release: Akixi Announces New Integration With Webex Calling
Hilary King