Akixi 2.2 introduces live chat analytics and UI improvements

November 2020 sees the launch of Akixi 2.2, the latest software release from the award-winning analytics solutions company. The second major software update this year will introduce User Interface (UI) enhancements along with a whole host of new reporting features and improvements for administration users.

Watch our 3-minute video to discover the new features and product enhancements available with Akixi 2.2, or read on below for further details.

UI Enhancements
  • Improved Menu Navigation: Appearance and functionality improvements mean you can now navigate around the Akixi portal more easily and quickly than ever before. Also, users are in full control of the screen view with the option to pin/unpin the main side panel.
Reporting Enhancements
  • Live Chat: With Akixi 3000 we now combine live chat reporting alongside email and voice statistics – all on the same report – for a complete overview of how teams and individuals are handling communications.
  • Auto Resize BLF Views: The ‘Auto’ zoom level option is available on BLF view reports, keeping BLF reports consistently optimised for the current display.
  • Read-Only Reporting Supervisors: Permissions can be restricted to read-only, giving Administrators the control to decide whether or not Supervisors can modify reports.
  • New User Walkthrough: First-time users on the reporting portal will be aided with a new user walkthrough pop-up. This will help Supervisors get up and running quickly, with tips and hints on how to create your first report.
  • Default Reports: The standard reports supplied with new Supervisor accounts have been enhanced, making it easier for new Supervisors to quickly generate more insightful reports.
  • Customisable Field Names: Supervisors are now able to edit field names across all reports.
  • Adjustable Field Column Widths: Users can now modify the width of columns on table-view reports, allowing the ideal column fit for your reports.
  • Report Sub Folders: The new report sub folders are perfect for organising reports by teams, KPIs and category. Sub folders can be created within folders that have already been custom-built.
  • Report Folder Wallboard Tile: The new report folder field allows the name of a report folder to be displayed as a tile on the Wallboard report.
  • Blanc Wallboard Tile Colour: The colour ‘Blanc’ can be applied to tiles on the Wallboard report. It is pure white (hex colour code #ffffff).
  • Report on SIP Trunk Groups: Trunk groups can be added to Akixi, allowing SIP trunk devices to be contained within a single group. Trunk devices are associated with trunk groups in the same way that extensions are associated to a hunt group.
  • Assign Agents to SIP Trunks Users: Akixi agents can now be assigned to SIP trunk users rather than a corresponding Extension Device.
  • Exclude ‘Hold Time’ from ‘Call Talk Time’: There is now an option to either include or exclude the ‘call held time’ from the ‘call talk time’ calculation.
  • Include Calls Ended On-Hold as Abandoned calls: Supervisors can choose whether calls ended on-hold are considered as abandoned calls within reports such as the Unreturned Lost Calls report.
  • Super Groups: There is a new Super Group device type which allows individual Groups to be contained and grouped together within the Super Group.
  • Collect Disposition Codes Once Calls Have Ended: In Premium BroadWorks Call Centre environments, account/disposition codes that are entered after the call has ended will now be monitored.
  • Discount #nrn from Report Calculation: A new setting now allows Akixi 3000 reports to filter out #nrn emails from counting as replies back.
  • Open Reports Maximum Capacity: The maximum number of reports that can be opened per Supervisor is capped at 30.
Administration Enhancements
  • Bulk User Upload Wizard: Administrators can use the bulk user upload wizard to create and add multiple user accounts at once – making for quicker deployment when configuring customer sites.
  • Copy Specific Reports: This feature allows Administrators to select reports and copy them from one Supervisor account to another within the same site. Administrators have the flexibility to decide whether a single report or a collection of reports is copied over.
  • Directory Entries: A directory of external telephone numbers along with custom descriptions can be added to the Administration portal. This allows Supervisors to know exactly who is calling into the business or who is being called externally.
  • Improved Auditing: Administrators can check the Audit Trail page for a log of all configurable changes to the setup of the Akixi site. This includes what has been changed, a timestamp of when the change was made, and the user who has made the change.
Other Enhancements
  • API Limit Reduced to Six Minutes: The API rate restriction limit has been reduced from ten to six minutes. This means an API download request on a single report can only occur after a six-minute interval. An API download request can also be completed on three different reports within the same six-minute window.
  • Omnichannel Supports OAuth: POP3 and SMTP integrations have been enhanced to support OAuth 2.0 which is the primary authentication method now recommended by Microsoft.


To find out more about these latest updates or for any other queries regarding Akixi solutions, give us a call on +44 (0)1293 214 624. Alternatively, you can leave us a message online.

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Akixi 2.2 introduces live chat analytics and UI improvements
Hilary King