Akixi update 2.1 brings a new dashboard and report API for customers


When Akixi 2.1 is released at the end of March 2020, customers will benefit from an array of new features and product enhancements, including the highly-anticipated dashboard view and Akixi report API.

Read on to discover what’s in store in this latest software release from the award-winning call and contact analytics provider.

Integration and Compatibility
  • Report Data API: A highly-anticipated new Akixi report API allows report data to be downloaded directly into third party applications, enabling business data to be seamlessly integrated.
UI Enhancements
  • Auto Zoom Level: Auto Zoom Level will keep reports consistently optimised for the current display.
  • Fullscreen Reports: Reports can now be viewed in fullscreen mode with the single click of a button, ideal for displaying reports on a large display screen.
  • Sticky Admin Buttons: Buttons and fields located within the admin section of the portal are now fixed to the header and footer of the portal.
  • Scrollable/Expandable Report Tabs: The report tabs displayed at the bottom of the reporting pane can be scrolled and expanded, making it possible to view all active opened reports.
  • Welcome Page Notifications: The Akixi reporting Welcome Page now provides users with engaging content and important information.
Reporting Enhancements
  • Dashboard View: Supervisors now benefit from a dashboard view, bringing together multiple reports in a single view.
  • Alarms: New options have been added to customise the alarm sound and duration.
  • Conference Device Filtering For BroadWorks: Conference calls can now be reported on as external calls as well as the existing internal call type.
  • Wallboard Image Tiles: Images can be added as tiles on wallboards, perfect for customising wallboards with company logo or your team’s avatar.
  • Unreturned Lost Calls Statistic: This metric is now available as a statistic which can be added to wallboards and other reports, making it even easier to respond quickly to missed calls, helping to improve customer experience and minimise potential lost revenue.
Administration Enhancements
  • Multiple Partition Permissions: Improved permission selection now allows supervisors and administrators to be restricted to specific partitions, making it easier to create area and regional reporting structures.
  • Partition Synchronisation: Improved options now let you select which type of daily synchronisation is automatically performed, as well as being able to trigger multiple synchronisations at the click of a button.
General Product Enhancements
  • Email Reporting and Handling: In Akixi 3000, improvements have been made to the way emails are reported on and how they are handled when picked up on the omnichannel panel and subsequently forwarded to another user to respond to.


To find out more about these latest updates or for any other queries regarding Akixi solutions, give us a call on +44 (0)1293 214 624. Alternatively, you can leave us a message online.

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Akixi update 2.1 brings a new dashboard and report API for customers
Hilary King