Getting to know Akixi’s new CEO

Craig Decker joined Akixi as Chief Executive Officer in February 2022, having previously led BroadSoft in EMEA, and subsequently led the Cisco Worldwide Cloud and Hosted Group.

Akixi’s Marketing Communications Assistant, Kelsey Davis, interviews Craig to find out a little more about his plans for the business, and what all of this means for our service providers and resellers.

Can you tell us how your appointment at Akixi came about?

I have known Bart Delgado and Akixi for a long time. Bart was a regular attendee at the annual BroadSoft Connections event and he was always keen to work closely with the BroadSoft team.

The Akixi product always received very strong and positive recommendations from the customers using it, and when I was asked by Axiom Equity and True North to help in the due diligence process I got to take a much closer look at the business and was very impressed with what I found. A wonderful company of people with a passion to succeed, a great product, strong customer relationships – but in need of a far greater global presence. It was an opportunity too good to turn down!

Who are True North Advisory and Axiom Equity?

True North Advisory is the project of Mike Tessler, Scott Hoffpauir, Jim Tholen, Dino Di Palma and Andy Miller, the executive team from BroadSoft and a group I have worked closely with for coming up on 20 years.

Axiom Equity is a new venture between Ed Fraser and Jonathan Organ. They employ a long-term approach, utilising their strategic resources to help management teams build lasting value in quality growth companies. Ed and Jonathan saw the need for an investment group and brought together great companies with strong partnerships. The partnership of Axiom, True North and Akixi is very powerful.

What are your short, medium and long-term objectives?

Short, medium and long term – grow Akixi!!

We will focus heavily on the expansion across the base of BroadSoft service providers who can partner with Akixi, developing our go-to-market programs, while also expanding onto other platforms where that makes sense.

What does this mean for Akixi’s network of channel partners?

It means more of the great Akixi product, but with an increased focus on go-to-market and sales support to help our customers sell more. Hopefully the best of both worlds!



Getting to know Akixi’s new CEO
Hilary King