Demand for Video Content is on the Rise

Video Content Is The Future of Engagement
Written by: Marcus Webb, Product Marketing Executive at Akixi.

Video has always been a valuable tool in the business world.

Teams have turned to video for years to share complex information in an easy-to-understand format. Video appears on everything from online landing pages, to websites and news reports.

Now, we’re seeing increasingly more video being used to communicate with each other and our customers.

The Akixi team has uncovered incredible opportunities in video. We’ve embedded this content into our sales strategies, customer service solutions, and support systems. The result is happier, more informed, and more engaged customers.

Today, 50% of consumers say that they’re likely to switch brands if a business doesn’t anticipate their needs. As the demand for video grows, driven by easier access to conferencing tools, and more intelligent mobile devices, anticipating the future means being prepared for video.

Understanding Why Video Marketing is So Powerful

At Akixi, our own experiences with the power of video are prompting us to actively develop more resources that help our partners to unlock this medium. Video is a form of content that addresses multiple and diverse challenges. For instance, users are more impatient than ever in today’s fast-paced world, and they need content that’s easy to digest.

Video content is as digestible as it gets, offering easy-to-understand and engaging experiences. Around 90% of people say that video makes it easier to get a point across. At the same time, it strengthens human connections, with 89% of people saying that video helps them to feel connected more than email, chat, or voice calls.

Now that it’s becoming much easier to create video content, anyone can get involved. You don’t need a green screen or a professional studio. All you need is a little online software, and a camera.

Do bear in mind though, that just because it’s become easier to create a video, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get it right. You’re still going to need the right plan if you want to create professional content.

Discovering the Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

Making Videos Has Never Been Easier


So, what kind of videos can you add to your strategy?

That’s totally up to you. One option could be to film short product tutorials that highlight your product to your customers. Another solution might be to share video reviews from customers that demonstrate your credibility.

One of the most important things to remember is that your videos need to be professional to deliver the right results. Technology today has made video production more accessible for many businesses. However, attention to detail is how you separate your company from the amateurs.

The first step is figuring out what kind of video you’re going to create, and how that content should look, sound, and feel.

Let’s look at some of the most appealing forms of video in greater depth.

Short (Informative) Videos

A short video is usually designed to provide a chunk of information quickly. For instance, you might post a video on a product page that highlights what the product does.

Shorter videos are excellent for capturing customer attention in a world where attention spans are limited. You can quickly engage customers without having to invest a lot of time and effort into your video design. The critical thing to remember is that even short videos need clear value.

Around 71% of media watch-time comes from smartphone users, so get straight to the point with your message. Highlight the purpose of the video and what it can help your customers to achieve immediately.

Short videos might include:

  • Teasers for upcoming events, products, or experiences
  • Explainer videos that highlight the key concepts of a product or service
  • FAQ videos that answer a specific question and reduce pressure on your call agents

Choose the purpose of your video straight away (such as building anticipation for a new product), then keep that goal in mind as you create it.

Remember, just because your video is short, doesn’t mean it can lack quality. It’s very easy for a short video to look rushed and cheap if you don’t get it right. When videos are short, they need to convey a huge message about your brand in a small space. That means you need to work even harder to deliver the right appeal.

Tutorial Videos and Demonstrations

Short videos are ideal for customers in a hurry. However, you may need to create some more long-form content if you want to address complex ideas. Tutorial videos and demonstrations get to the heart of a deeper topic, like how to use a specific part of your service.

Tutorial Example: Finding Your Way Around Akixi

Akixi’s ‘Finding Your Way Around Akixi’ video helps new users to get set up and navigate the reporting portal for the first time.

Your tutorial video is there to educate your users and highlight your position as a professional thought leader. A comprehensive, high-quality video builds trust with your audience and helps users to gain a better insight into product features. Tutorial videos will also assist your customers in deciding if your product is right for them.

Four times as many people prefer to watch a video than to read an article before buying. Additionally, around 31% of experts believe that video communication helps to strengthen connections between brands, customers, and partners.

Giving your customers the tools they need to solve their own problems will save valuable time and resources for your business. If you’re wondering how to reduce customer service calls, that’s one of the biggest advantages of video marketing.

Animated and Marketing Videos

Some of the best videos are those that can both entertain and inform. An animated video, hand-drawn design, or something similar brings a unique touch to your brand image. These videos often explain the purpose or function of your company in a format that’s easier to understand – just like Akixi’s ‘Build Better Business’ animated video.

If you’re trying to spread brand awareness and build an identity that your customers relate to, animated videos can assist with this. What’s more, with animations, you can demonstrate your creative and innovative nature. Showing an animated video in a sales pitch is a good way to make your business stand out.

While all marketing videos don’t necessarily need to be animated, they do need to highlight the unique nature of your business. Think carefully about how you can produce a video that makes your organisation appear unique. Customer service videos should strengthen the connection your customers have with your brand.

Planning and scripting your content before you create it will help you to keep your brand personality front-of-mind. This applies whether you’re creating an animated video, or a live-action one.

Six Handy Tools to Get You Started

Tools To Help You Nail Videos


As video continues to deliver better experiences to customers worldwide, it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment as there are plenty of software solutions to help that can meet your budget, such as:

1. Adobe Premier Pro

This is a handy video tool that’s perfect for anyone familiar with the Adobe line-up. You can use footage from any camera in any format. Plus, Adobe Premier Pro works with other Adobe products, like After Effects and Adobe Stock.

2. Adobe Spark

Spark is ideal for creating short, engaging videos that can be shared across social media. You can select from a variety of story templates that help you begin your video projects.

3. Renderforest

Renderforest is a brilliant cloud-based platform for creating explainer animations, promotional videos, and more. You don’t need any technical expertise to get started, and you can experiment with different styles and themes. If you’re low on cash, you can get started for free.

4. Screenflow

Screenflow is one of the leading video tools available for Mac users. There’s a professional screen capture and unique editing features available. You can also access split-track editing features and capture audio from microphones too.

5. Vyond

A simple online animation software that allows your company to create professional-looking animated videos for all industries in job roles like marketing, eLearning, and training. This service is super easy to use and comes with features like audio sweetening, visual enhancements, and lip-syncing.

6. Wideo

Convenient and affordable, Wideo makes it easy to create video content with no background knowledge. There are plenty of templates to get you started too.

Remember, once you’ve decided how you’re going to make your videos, you’ll also need to determine where those videos will go. Will you use your email marketing platform to send video tutorials to your customer’s inbox? Can you add your videos to your website, or create your own YouTube channel?

Are you going to be using your videos for your internal team, or sharing them for the world through social media and other platforms?

Unlock the Advantages of Video Marketing

Video isn’t the only way to attract attention, engage your audience, and keep customers informed. However, it’s one of the most powerful media options available. In an age where excellent customer service is everything, it’s essential to ensure that your approach is suited to your target audience.

With the right video content, you can show your customers what your brand stands for and answer important questions they have about your service. You might even discover that your videos reduce the strain on your customer service team, by helping customers to help themselves.

Discover the benefits of video marketing for business today.

Demand for Video Content is on the Rise