Akixi’s Successful Kick Off At Convergence Summit

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kevin_bart_imageThe Convergence Summit South proved to be the perfect venue to launch the Akixi hosted call management and contact centre reporting service. After two years away from the channel I expected that it would take time to get back into the groove but when the doors opened on the first day it was like we’d never been away, with so many old friends and acquaintances coming by to see the service and wish us the best.

If the human element hadn’t changed, the technology certainly had. We have spent the past two years involved in product development for Akixi and early on we made the decision that it would be provided as SAAS (software as a service) and not as a conventional package on a customer’s server. With this approach we had definitely caught the wave that the industry is now riding, because the show was filled with hosted offerings of every kind.

Akixi does away with all the costly set-up costs normally associated with call management and ACD reporting. There’s no capital expenditure on hardware, no implementation and upgrades to worry about and no commitment to ongoing support fees. You just pay for the service when you want it, knowing that it’s always up to date. Access can be from anywhere, with a variety of operating systems and devices supported, including mobiles.

The product offers ‘cradle to grave’ call tracking, with all the reports you could ever want. Comprehensive reporting allows customers to scrutinise and analyse usage in real time, using the Akixi 1000 Business Dashboard. For contact centre management Akixi 2000 means that contact centre campaigns and resources can be efficiently managed for maximum productivity. Both services are infinitely scalable making them suitable for enterprises of any size including multisite operations.

At the show we were able to announce our first significant deal with Voicenet Solutions, the hosted VoIP services provider. The synergy was obvious and under the deal Akixi will be licensed through Voicenet Solutions in a joint venture between the two companies. The venture will allow Voicenet resellers to offer the Akixi service to their customers. The deal was reported in the show daily newsletter on the second day, giving us a great boost.

In fact we were always busy and the interest generated at the Convergence Summit has given us plenty of leads to follow up. Having been out of the loop for a while it was very encouraging to find such a positive buzz from the channel, not just for Akixi but for the business generally. Most of the comms providers that came onto the stand accepted the move to provision of services in the “cloud” and were keen to see what we had to offer. We were able to demonstrate how the service can help them with increasingly important recurring and incremental revenue objectives.

Anybody who has been in the comms and IT industry for any time knows that there is literally no future in being resistant to change. Offering customers converged, cost effective hosted solutions is the reality of the business today. At Akixi we have embraced that and were delighted with our reception at the Convergence Summit.

About Akixi

Established in 2008, Akixi offers advanced hosted call management and call centre reporting services. We provide easy and cost effective services to both PBX and VoIP providers. We currently have customers in Europe, USA, South Africa and Mexico and have over 1900 active sites globally. We have over 200 sets of historical and real time call statistics, dials, alarms, charts and desktop wallboards. Our service is compatible with BroadSoft, Siemens and Panasonic platforms. Our service is available to users anywhere across multiple sites and is highly scalable from 2 to over 10,000 users. Try out our call management solutions for yourself by booking a free online Akixi demo.



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Akixi’s Successful Kick Off At Convergence Summit
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