Akixi launches release 2.3

March 2022 sees the launch of Akixi 2.3, the latest software release from the award-winning analytics solutions company. Read on for details of features coming in this release.

Administration Enhancements

Central Management Environment (CME)

The CME provides a single point of access for Akixi Administrators to view, manage and administrate all their Akixi customers from within a single environment, and with a single login. The CME also has the added benefit of allowing Akixi Administrators to access billing CDRs and summaries for all their customers from a single location.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn about our new Central Management Environment feature.

Add/Modify Application User Accounts & Role-Based Permissions

The Add/Modify Application User Account window allows Akixi Administrators to easily create new users and manage existing ones. It also allows Administrators to assign specific roles against users. Administrators can be configured with a customisable set of permissions, granting or restricting users to access and perform functions within the portal.

Provisioning Extensions and ACD Agents with BroadWorks Service Packs

Extensions and Agents can automatically be provisioned on Akixi through the identification of service packs on the BroadWorks platform.

Advanced Reporting Users

Users assigned with Advanced Reporting User permissions can carry out specific and restricted administration functions, enabling them to be more self-sufficient in managing their Akixi service.

Device and Agent Platform Parity

The Maintain Parity setting ensures that Devices and Agents removed from the corresponding BroadWorks platform are also automatically removed from Akixi.

Selectable Device Type Synchronisation

Synchronisation Options allow Administrators to select whether Extensions (Endpoints), Extensions (Trunking) and/or ACD Agents are automatically provisioned against a Partition when a full synchronisation type occurs.

API Pagination

When downloading report data using the Report API, each record has a unique ID, allowing for easy identification of previously downloaded records. It is also possible to specify how many records are returned when using the report API.

Reporting Enhancements

Report Recycle Bin

Deleted reports can now be retrieved from a Report Recycle Bin, preventing accidently-deleted reports from being permanently lost.

Calls By Day of Week Report Type

The Calls by Day of Week report type is an interval report showcasing each day of the week – providing measurable trend analysis on a day-by-day basis.

A custom timeframe can now be set against the report (e.g. a month) to identify activity occurring each day of the week. This allows Reporting Users to easily see which days are commonly busier than others or which day of the week calls are more likely to be missed.

Calls Transferred In / Out Metric

Transferred In and Out metrics can be added to a number of reports, allowing Reporting Users to easily measure the quantity and percentage of calls that are manually transferred between devices.

Abandoned Threshold Metrics

Abandoned Threshold Metrics can measure the quantity and percentage of abandoned calls that occur within custom-set duration thresholds. This allows users to determine how long callers are waiting without being answered, before abandoning the call.

To find out more about these latest updates or for any other queries regarding Akixi solutions, give us a call on +44 (0)1293 214 624. Alternatively, you can leave us a message online.


Akixi launches release 2.3
Hilary King