Akixi launches release 2.0 with omnichannel, alongside company’s enhanced digital presence

Akixi Software Release 2.0

Omnichannel analytics, a fresh User Interface, new website and an improved digital presence for Akixi

In its most significant software release in recent years, Akixi is bringing some big changes to its analytics platform in October 2019 with Akixi 2.0. The first thing users will notice is the updated User Interface design, which mirrors the refreshed Akixi branding already rolled out across offline materials. The appearance of wallboards and reports has also been given a more modern look and feel with new icons and dials, a flat colour design and broader colour palette giving greater scope for users to customise their reports. This release also includes the much talked about Akixi 3000, Akixi’s new product which introduces omnichannel reporting.

call management desktop

Colin Gill, Product Manager, explains:

“Akixi 3000 is the newest service level in the Akixi portfolio and will serve those teams who need visibility of multiple communication channels but don’t want to lose Akixi’s easy-to-use platform and advanced reporting functionality. This first revision of Akixi 3000 brings group email reporting to the omnichannel product enabling users to manage both calls and emails on a single interface, with functionality for additional channels to follow in subsequent releases. We’ve been talking about omnichannel for a long time at Akixi, but we wanted to make sure we got it absolutely right for our customers and we believe that we have. Customers upgrading to Akixi 3000 will still see the familiar and easy-to-use Akixi reporting portal, but with the addition of omnichannel contact management at a price which genuinely makes omnichannel analytics available to the masses. It’s fantastic to get the product out to customers!”

Hilary King, Marketing Manager at Akixi, adds:

“It’s a very exciting time at Akixi. The product changes we’re seeing with Akixi release 2.0 coincide with some other major changes in Akixi’s online presence. A new company website being launched in October will give partners, end users and the wider market a more engaging digital experience with the Akixi brand. Through the design and branding, the new website more accurately reflects the company that Akixi is today. Alongside an improved user-friendly browsing experience, we are providing more meaningful content about our solutions. The website includes a new Product Selector Tool, making is easy for existing and prospective customers to find the Akixi solution which best suits their requirements. We also have a new Akixi explainer video, and the Partner Zone (our resource portal exclusively for partners) has been given a face lift and enhanced to improve the user experience.”

Akixi Homepage Preview

Hilary continues, “Akixi has always been driven by the desire to augment its product to meet and anticipate customers’ needs. What we needed to improve was our go-to-market strategy and communicate updates more effectively to our customers. Over the past year we have been working on this and things have definitely changed. Internally, a greater synergy between our Development, Product and Marketing departments has resulted in coordinated workflows and improved communication across all teams. We hope our customers will now begin to see the benefits of the changes we have made.”

Below is a summary of the key features and enhancements included in Akixi’s 2.0 release. Akixi channel partners can download the full software release 2.0 document from the Partner Zone.

Akixi Software Release 2.0 Features Summary:

  • Akixi 3000 and the Omnichannel Panel
  • New User Interface (UI) Design
  • My Reports Folders
  • Copy Reports
  • Send Reports Between Supervisors
  • New Maximum Concurrent Statistic
  • Dynamic Administrator Searching

For further information, please contact:

Hilary King
Marketing Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1293 853076
E-mail: hilary.king@akixi.com

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Akixi launches release 2.0 with omnichannel, alongside company’s enhanced digital presence
Hilary King