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Healthcare groups face a variety of daily challenges, from dealing with staff shortages and ensuring effective resource management, to maximizing revenue and managing complex costs and budgets. Here at Akixi, we help to minimize the impact of these daily pressures, helping you to deliver a positive patient experience through enhanced operational performance, driven by meaningful communications insights.

You and your patients

We believe that the most meaningful experiences in healthcare start with good communications. As a provider of award-winning call insights reporting software, we provide a solution that empowers your team to be more efficient, improving the patient experience, and minimizing wait times. Our real-time metrics give a snapshot of what is happening in your environment at any time, and you can also view historic data to identify trends over time. This gives you the information you need to make insight-driven decisions – helping you optimize performance and drive associated revenue through better performance.

Optimising essential resources

With meaningful call insights, you can begin to understand your business like never before. Are you missing calls which are potential revenue opportunities? Which days and times do you receive most calls, and are they being answered quickly by the most appropriate person? Do you receive most appointment requests in the morning, or more prescription orders on a Monday? We can give you fully customizable reports that help you streamline your day-to-day activity, enhancing the patient experience and your bottomline.

case study

“As part of the NHS we have a duty to manage our costs closely and with Akixi we only pay for the functions we use, so there’s no wasted expense. Akixi’s hosted call management has met our needs, balanced with reasonable ongoing costs. Employing more staff to answer phone calls was simply not an option, so Akixi has allowed us to use existing resources more effectively to meet patient needs.”

Stella Crookes,
Gleadless Medical Centre


frequently asked questions

As a leading cloud-based call and contact analytics company with an established reputation, you can count on Akixi to help boost the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of your business. If you require any help identifying the right system for your business, Akixi has a team of experts on hand to assist you. In the meantime, browse our most frequently asked questions and see if your query is included.

Yes, definitely. Akixi reports give you vital information showing how many calls you receive – and you can report on call numbers by month, day, week, even by half hour interval. So you can optimise your essential resources by ensuring your team is properly staffed during busy times, and even look to scale back during quieter periods.

Also, the real-time wallboard gives your team live visibility of how many calls are queueing, average talk time, how long callers will hold before abandoning the call – all these statistics will give you the insight you need to make improvements to the patient experience.

Do you need more staff to make appointment bookings between 08:00-10:00 in the mornings? Are people more likely to request prescriptions on Mondays? By customising Akixi account codes (sometimes called ‘activity codes’) you can allocate a category to your calls such as ‘appointment bookings’, ‘prescription requests’, ‘emergency call-back required’, ‘test results’, ‘vaccinations’. You can then report on these account codes to identify trends over different periods of time.

As specialists in call and contact reporting and analytics software, Akixi only provides the reporting application. However, we work with a network of over 600 partners worldwide who will work with you to discuss the best telephony platform for your business and will include Akixi analytics software into the overall solution for you. Get in touch with us to find out more about our IT/telecoms partners.

No, you don’t. Since Akixi is a cloud-based software service, no peripheral hardware or software requirements are necessary. You simply log in from your web browser or the Akixi mobile app and we will ensure you are always up to date with your Akixi reports on the latest software version. Get more details on the full range of call and contact analytics solutions at Akixi.

Call/contact management solutions can help every business manage its customer interactions more effectively. See where your calls have come from, how long are your customers waiting on hold for, what is the average talk time, how many calls have you missed calls and is that potential lost revenue? Do you need to adjust your business hours or increase staff numbers at certain times?
Akixi solutions help businesses across a variety of sectors to optimise interactions for a game-changing, ultra-responsive customer experience.

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